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NMAT (Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test) or NMAT by GMAC is one of the most popular national-level entrance exam conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) for post-graduate/MBA admissions at NMIMS University and other reputed Business schools in India as well as abroad. A wide range of B-schools accept the NMAT score making it a preferable choice for most aspirants. What sets NMAT apart from the rest like CAT, XAT, SNAP etc is its exam friendly approach. It offers its candidates two choice of taking the exam- online at the comfort of their homes and offline at test centers across various cities as well. Another factor is the result declaration. Candidates can see their results immediately after the exam ends and official score card will be released within the next 48 hours allowing candidates to determine their chances and prepare for the next stages right away. Hence, NMAT is definitely a go-to option for any candidate that aspires to make it to top b-schools like NMIMS Mumbai and more with average packages as high as 24+ lakhs per annum! So, if you are planning to prepare for NMAT 2024 (which ideally you should, don’t keep all your eggs in one basket!) this blog will help you understand all important details that must know before start your preparation journey & application process.


To re-iterate, NMAT, short for the Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test, is an entrance exam conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) for admission to various management programs offered by the NMIMS Deemed-to-be University and other prestigious B-schools in India. Renowned for its flexibility and accessibility, NMAT allows candidates to retake the exam thrice within a testing window, offering them the opportunity to improve their scores. However, candidates must note that NMIMS only accepts scores of the first attempt. Hence, it is important to plan your preparation accordingly to see that you have enough time to prepare thoroughly and aim to get a stellar score in the first attempt itself, saving both your admission into NMIMS and your exam application fee. 


Candidates must ensure thorough understanding of the fee structure to plan your attempts and preparation time accordingly. Keep a list of all exams that you might be interested to give (again, explore various opportunities, don’t just restrict your preparation to CAT as it might be risky.) and make a note of all their application fees to give you an idea of the financial requirements. Planning further will allow you enough time to decide which exams to opt for and plan your preparation accordingly. Also, it is always advised to keep an eye on the official website in case any major announcements are made. 



Before diving into preparation, it's crucial to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for NMAT 2024. Typically, candidates must hold a bachelor's degree from a recognized university with a minimum aggregate score. Additionally, specific programs may have additional requirements, such as work experience or specific subject prerequisites, so be sure to review the eligibility criteria of your preferred courses thoroughly. In case of any queries, you can always contact the relevant authorities on their official website which we have mentioned in the basic details section. For further details please look at the table given below.



Now, let's understand the exam pattern of NMAT 2024. Like most entrance exams, NMAT follows an exam structure comprising three sections: Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning. Each section is timed, with a total duration of 120 minutes to complete the entire exam. With an adaptive nature, NMAT adjusts the difficulty level of questions based on the candidate's performance, offering a fair assessment of their aptitude. It must also be noted that you will not be allowed to go back to a question. Hence, given that there is no negative marking, it is advised to not waste much time on one particular question and not leave any question unanswered either.


NMAT is an exam that needs a strategic plan and a disciplined approach to prepare. Take a look at the syllabus and find out about the weightage or the importance of the topics in terms of priority in each section. Go through the frequently asked topics first and then jump to the rest, as comprehensive study plan is needed and enough time required for thorough preparations since entrance exams have a very high level of unpredictability you never know what kind of surprises you might be getting. Regular practice with mock tests and previous years’ question papers must be taken to understand the exam pattern and to improve your speed and accuracy. Know when to skip a difficult question and move on to the next one without wasting enough time & effort, especially in time-constrained exams like these.

Additionally, consider enrolling in coaching programs or online courses for expert guidance and personalized study materials. If you are interested in a personalised mentoring program and detailed study approach that starts right from the foundation level and goes upto advanced levels, please feel free to consider APEX on your preparation journey. We will be with you every step of the way helping you in every area of your preparation starting from the entrance exam preparation until your GD-PI-WAT. 


Time is of the essence in NMAT 2024. With a fixed duration for each section and no way to go back to the previous question, effective time management is paramount. Avoid getting stuck on challenging questions; instead, take a guess if you are under time constraint and move forward. Having no negative marking gives you that advantage. However, remember that every question will surely effect your score hence devise your preparation in such a way that skipping questions or making guesses on the d-day can be avoided. Remember, maintaining a steady pace throughout the exam is key to maximizing your score. Getting stuck on difficult and time-taking questions could mean that you might have to rush through easier questions increasing chances of error. Time management is key both in your preparation journey and on your d-day. Ensure that you allocate enough time for all sections, building your strengths while improving on your weaker areas!


As the day of the exam approaches, ensure you're well-prepared both mentally and physically. Get adequate rest the night before to stay fresh and alert. On the day of the exam, arrive at the test center early to avoid any last-minute rush. Carry all necessary documents, including your admit card and photo ID. Stay calm and composed during the exam, and trust in your preparation and abilities to excel. The last thing you want to do is to sabotage your performance just because you got nervous. Don’t let your performance in one section affect the other. Entrance exams are a percentile game so you never know until you really get your scores. Remember,if you have prepared well and if you’re finding the paper difficult, then know that it is difficult for everyone else as well. So keep calm and keep going. Don’t think about anything other than solving the questions in front of you. Results will reflect your effort and hard work.


Once you've completed NMAT 2024, take a moment to congratulate yourself on your hard work and perseverance. Don’t wait until after you’re entrances are done to start preparing for the subsequent rounds, such as Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI), which are integral parts of the selection process for most B-schools. Stay updated on daily current affairs, polish your communication skills, and be prepared to articulate your thoughts effectively. The real game begins when you sit for interviews, written ability test and group discussions. Again, with a vast and ill-defined syllabus, aspirants must ensure thorough preparation in areas of general knowledge including both static gk and current affairs to be able to tackle any question in the GD-PI-WAT round. After working hard the entire year you would’nt want to waste it by ignoring the GDPIWAT preparation. While awaiting the results, you will have time to prepare for the subsequent rounds, such as Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI), which are integral parts of the selection process for most institutes. However, that time may or maynot be enough for most candidates. Hence instead of taking the risk of leaving it all to the last minute, ensure you give some aount of time every day right from the beginning of the preparation journey. Brush up on current affairs, hone your communication skills, and be prepared to articulate your thoughts coherently.


In conclusion, NMAT 2024 is not just an exam; it's a stepping stone towards realizing your ambitions and carving a path towards a successful career in management. By understanding the exam pattern, devising a robust preparation strategy, and mastering time management, you can approach NMAT with confidence and emerge victorious. Remember, success is not merely determined by your aptitude but also by your perseverance and determination. So, gear up, embrace the challenge, and embark on this exhilarating journey towards a brighter future. Good luck! Thank you for joining us on this blog, we hope you found it useful!