Suraj Chawla

With over 13 years of teaching expertise and an illustrious background as an XIMB alumni, Suraj Chawla is a beacon of inspiration. His remarkable achievement of securing a 99 percentile in CAT Quant & LRDI an impressive 10 times showcases his mastery in the field, guiding students to excel beyond their perceived limits


Deepak Nemani

Bringing over 7 years of teaching experience to the table, Deepak Sharma is a seasoned mentor who leads by example. His remarkable accomplishment of consistently scoring above the 99 percentile in CAT LRDI reflects his dedication to excellence, motivating students to strive for nothing short of greatness.


Pradyumna Sarma

With a rich tapestry of experiences, including 5+ years of teaching expertise and a reputation as an international level debater, Pradyumna Sarma brings a unique perspective to the classroom. His outstanding performance with a 99 percentile in XAT VA and DM serves as a testament to his commitment to nurturing both intellect and eloquence in his students